Welcome to Albert Edirisinghe Opticians (Private) Limited.


Deshabandu Albert Edirisinghe’s impact on Sri Lankan optometry cannot be understated. After completing his education at Mahinda College in Galle, Mr. Edirisinghe took a great interest in spectacles and optometry. This curiosity led him to serve at a private company for a short period.
During this time, he learned more about the field and decided to venture out on his own. He strongly believed in the value of the gift of sight and started Albert Edirisinghe Opticians to help others receive this gift.
Mr. Edirisinghe was a steadfast leader who was committed to providing clear sight for all. Under his leadership, the company grew rapidly from its humble beginnings into an established brand that set the benchmark for local opticians. Despite his success, Mr. Edirisinghe never forgot his roots and was known for his generosity and initiative to provide eyewear to underprivileged communities.
The qualities and beliefs that Mr. Edirisinghe instilled permeate through every decision the company makes, even today. His presence continues to guide Albert Edirisinghe Opticians as it continues to provide everyone with the gift of clear sight.