Welcome to Albert Edirisinghe Opticians (Private) Limited.

Eye Testing

Refraction testing is a type of vision examination used to assess your vision and determine whether you need contact lenses or glasses. This test, which is a standard component of an eye exam, is first performed using a computerized device (automated refraction), and then manually by our licensed optometrist.

Dispensing spectacles

Our knowledgeable and friendly dispensing staff will be happy to offer advice on choosing frames and lenses to best suit your features, profession, and lifestyle after the eye examination is complete. Spectacles will be prescribed and dispensed by them. Customers of all ages can choose from a wide selection of frames and lenses that feature the newest fashion and trend designs for the best visual and cosmetic results.

Every pair of eyeglasses supplied by us undergoes a thorough inspection process to ensure that you receive exactly what you ordered. We have skilled technicians who perfect eyeglasses using extremely precise measurements and a well-equipped workshop with cutting-edge machinery.

Dispensing contact lenses

Our highly skilled eye care professionals can advise you on the types of contacts that would best suit your needs and way of life because they are experts in the field. After conducting scientific testing in a professional setting, our highly skilled and experienced professionals guarantee that customers only receive the best lenses. This makes it possible to offer each customer the best clinical care possible.

Adjustments and Repairs

We take pride in our customer service. Our goal is to ensure all customers are happy with their eyewear and can see clearly. All fixable adjustments and repairs are provided at no cost to our loyal customers. In addition, all trouble shooting are handled with utmost care and we strive towards providing a mutually amicable solution.